Nomads In A New Land

These are the adventures of a mismatched bunch of heroes and their brave companions as they rampage across the Pathfinder RPG world of Golarion in search of greatness and glory.


The New World: Golarion

As they set out on their journey to greatness in Golarion, the heroes find themselves unexpected united in unusual circumstances in Absalom1, the City at the Centre of the World. Separate paths from locations near, far, and farther than imaginable2, have led them to this place of meeting. The path before them is strewn with adventure and danger, perils and rewards.

The Heroes

Heroes - and their stalwart companions - come in all shapes and sizes, rising from humble beginnings to the heights of greatness. So follow:

as they travel the paths to glory!

The Campaign

The campaign features a wealth of information from maps to an A-Z index.

And The Other Stuff

Here's the other stuff that's mainly for fun, from quotes to statistics.

Favourite quote from the last game:

"Kisarra: every hole a goal."


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